RED SS dome-graphic 002This Rudi Enos Design website describes the projects that Rudi Enos has been involved in for more than 40 years. He has produced some of the most significant designs in the event structures market in that period. At this time, Rudi runs Special Structures Lab Ltd, who provide design, engineering analysis services to other engineers and manufacturing information expertise to companies around the world.

Special Structures Lab collaborates with many different engineers around the world to deliver special structures expertise, usually as a specialist part of the project team. Rudi Enos is one of the foremost designers of special structures in the world.  Long span structures, and in particular long span tension membrane structures require specialist expertise in design, analysis, manufacturing techniques, and installation procedures. Only a handful of engineers in the world have this expertise and Rudi is one of that select group.  When it comes to portable structures, the 40 years Rudi has spent developing ever-larger structures means that in this area he has no peers.

His portable venue designs are used to house the largest audiences, the most prestigious events and the most graceful installations the event business has ever seen.  These designs reflect the relationship between space, weight, performance and the energy required to undertake the project. Rudi has designed and built, or designed for others, more tented, mobile and demountable structures than all other British designers put together.  He also provides, through SSL, specialist consulting services to the construction industry for special structures. This expertise is available to all. 

Special Structures Lab’s talented engineers ensure the highest possible standards of engineering are maintained.  They have collaborated with other design teams in many countries and provide many of the back room specialist services that most engineers do not have a need for day to day.  These special techniques, software capabilities and expert knowledge are available from Special Structures Lab.

Special Structures Lab also work in the field of temporary access, and designs access solutions for building bridges and roofs.

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