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Project - itwillalwaysbewithyou - GC 2000 - Gatecrasher

Client - Gatecrasher - Location - Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, UK - Year - 1999

Gatecrasher Turweston 2000 & 2001 - Gatecrasher Lotherton Hall

Statistics : Possibly the largest one night attendance in a single portable structure in the world at 32,000 people. Gatecrashers Simon Raine created the largest night club in the world for millennium night. We have been present at all Gatecrasher outdoor events. On the night of the 31st December 1999, the stage area incorporated two spectacular DJ platforms, raised 20ft in the air, which were sensationally linked by a glamorous 25ft catwalk style suspension bridge. Throughout Tensile 1, steel trussing was uniquely ran vertically, instead of horizontally to create a roller-coaster effect and cover full length and height of the structure. Should the trussing at 2000GC have been laid end to end, it would have stretched well over 1 mile in length!

The design also incorporated;
  • 3 x 10 metre circles with screens
  • 2 x 5 x 7 metre logo ovals (Gatecrasher lions)
  • 6 x 15 metre pre rig trusses 150 metres of curved set trussing
  • 2 x 4 metre circles (DJ booths)
  • 2 x 5 metre circles 40 metres of "A" type truss (DJ booths)
220 further metres of catwalk and support trusses further on from the DJ platforms were two ten metre circular plasma screens at either end of the structure, that were positioned accordingly for 2000GC lighting and projection imagery and a third 10 metre circular truss behind the walkway.

Possibly one of the most spectacular features at 2000GC was the use of 9m x 9m "Opti-Screen", provided by LED Gearhouse. The brand new "Opti-Screen" is the ultimate in contemporary large screen systems and the one designed and built for 2000GC is the largest screen in use at the moment and has never previously been used at a dance music event. It was designed using the highest technological LED equipment to display stunning visual output with outstanding colour, contrasts and sharpness. The "Opti-Screen" allowed the ultimate visual display where it has simply not been possible in the past. The enormous LED "Opti-Screen" was perfect to exhibit the live video mixing from the aid of four internal live cameras that were in use throughout the event.Two were positioned above each set of DJ decks looking downwards, a third from the stage area through the crowd and the fourth from the mixing desk at the opposite end of the structure running through the crowd to create a running feeling of infinity. Gatecrasher also erected four triangular trusses running parallel to the staging and circular dimensions throughout the structure. Gatecrasher lion logos, lighting and colour washes were expelled via the triangular arrangements.

The rock'n'roll circus look for 2000GC was a design idea by Gatecrasher and Martin Nicholas (Arty Particulus Design Services & LSD) that was in place at the drawing board eighteen months ago. 2000GC had to be unique in all areas with particular emphasis on maximising floor capacity areas as well as creating a stunning visual masterpiece and 2000GC was able to boast the unique facility of off-ground production, thanks to the marvellous supporting structure of Tensile 1.The stage area incorporated two spectacular DJ platforms, raised 20ft in the air, which were sensationally linked by a glamorous 25ft catwalk style suspension bridge. Gatecrasher opted to design the lighting system within Tensile 1 to produce the same effect of that at a stadium rock concert. The Gatecrasher design was assisted by Martin Nicholas (Arty Particulus Design Services & LSD) who has previously worked as lighting director for the likes of Wet, Wet, Wet to Black Sabbath - and Gary Howard from Sons Of Image. Spectacular lightning strikes, colour washes and the effective use of flashes and strobes created stunning, futuristic displays. No matter where one stood within the structure, intimate, breathtaking lighting effects could be seen clearly at all times. What the Gatecrasher web site said after the 2000 event.

THE FUTURE - BELIEVE THE HYPE - 2000GC "Itwillalwaysbewithyou" was our promise, but we did we install the memory of 1000 years in the making, or was it all just make-believe? - WHERE WERE YOU ON MILLENNIUM EVE? On Friday 31st December 1999, Gatecrasher hosted the United Kingdoms largest single dance music event in history at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, boasting ten of the world's greatest dance artists of our lifetime under the world-record breaking structure Tensile 1. The 2000GC extravaganza successfully achieved the look and feel of a rock 'n'roll stage show - something that has never previously been attempted at any dance music celebration. In addition to the staging, the musical enhancement and visual stimulation created an adrenalin fueled atmosphere of pure exhilarating power with maximum musical drive, with full on euphoric rhythms and melodies that soared into the early hours of a new millennium. In the words of Gatecrasher promoter Simon Raine, 2000GC's aim was to put into practice "ten years of promoting parties, ten years of production knowledge and ten years of contacts into one very special night". The mission statement certainly paid off and the memory of over 15 mind-blowing hours at 2000GC will surely stay in the hearts and minds of the Gatecrasher Organisation and over 25,000 devoted people, forever.

STAGING, SCREENS & PRODUCTION LIGHTING DESKS Avo Diamond 3 desk, Avo Pearl and an Icon console Ð provided by LSD OPERATORS Icon - Frank Sheilds and Alistair Brammel-Watson Pearl and Diamond 3 desks - Simon Barrington and Ewan Richards. All lights provided by LSD LASERS Gatecrasher enlisted the services of Laser Creations to supply a 45wt ND-JAG laser. This type of laser technology has only been in use over the past eighteen months and can be seen up to 60 miles away. Preprogrammed laser effects included flat-scans, oscillating patterns and outstanding conical swirls to create time-tunnel effects. Gatecrasher also positioned fifty 12" fixed mirrors around the structure to bounce laser beams back and forth, so wherever one stood underneath Tensile 1, a laser strike would beam overhead. The 2000GC laser show began at midnight with Paul Van Dyk and continued throughout the early hours in conjunction with the lighting visuals and music, to create stunning high brightness laser effects.

GC PROJECTIONS (inc. midnight moment) Visual stimulation is equally as important at large capacity events and a combination of film footage and animation provided a stunning display projected to two 40ft circular screens and a giant "Opti-screen" in the centre on the stadium. Gatecrasher's in-house graphic artist, Ceri Payne and Royal College graduate Lukas Girling prepared a heartwarming tribute to the history of time in an exclusive 2000GC short film (2mins 53 secs), documenting scenes from the birth of the universe, to images of Christ and mans first steps on the moon. The Gatecrasher film was used at in the minutes leading up to the inaugural countdown to the sounds of Tall Paul on the decks spinning a down-tempo exclusive remix of Primal Scream's spine-tingling "Come Together". Images were projected throughout the 15 hour event and showcased a variation of assorted loops, Gatecrasher indents, swirling Manga animation (Japanese animated cartoon), with splashes of DJ times, information, as well as huge crowd shots from within Tensile 1 via cameras suspended throughout the venue. Additional visuals for 2000GC projections were created using the Apple Mac G4 system to create live graphic imagery. 2000GC used two 9400barco projectors and a Narco 9400.

SOUND & DJ EQUIPMENT The sound system and DJ equipment at 2000GC was provided by SSE and used a Nexo Alpha System (PA system) and 180 cabinets (loud speaker) to expel an approximate power dissipation of 160,000 watts. Twelve separate loud speaker stacks were in position to distribute sound within venue. It was essential that the sound at 2000GC be kept even and the sound pressure at a consistent high. All audio inputs from DJ positions and microphones to the system were controlled using a Soundcraft SM12 console and BSS Varicurve Equalizers and distributed clearly to all loud speaker positions. Time alignment for the system was achieved using NEXO NX241 Digital processors. Both of the DJ platforms were each equipped with Technics SL1210 turntables, Denon 2500 CD players and Vestax DJ mixers. The sound equipment alone weighed in excess of 45,000 tonnes and needed an experienced crew of six and twelve local crew just to load in and out! No less than three crew members were on site at any one time during the show.

PYROTECHNICS DISPLAY (inc. millennium moment) Gatecrasher's pyrotechnics display was an integral part of the show design and particularly the millennium moment. Pyro Production Services Ltd prepared a glittering array of spectacular flash flares, comets, canons and airbursts that lit up the stadium in true millennium fashion. Confetti and glitter cartridges fired, blanketing the entire internal area that spans a massive 10, 857 square metres in a dazzling shower, to be met by rapturous applause and cheers. õ x 6M Jets ½ x 6M Jets 10 x 10' Silver Gerbs Gold Airburst Silver Airburst Flame Projectors Flash Flame Grid Line Rocket Whistlers Comets Stage Mine Fire Ball Streamer Cartridge Confetti Cartridge Glitter Cartridge Flutter Fetti Cartridge Flutter Fetti Airburst Confetti Canon CO2 Air Canon Maroon Tank Gatecrasher used various pyrotechnic displays throughout the celebrations from various points within the venue though mainly at the stage area to provide an invigorating and refreshing exhibition of modern technology. THE ARTISTS AND


2000GC showcased the finest artists and sounds of the 20th Century. The Chemical Brothers, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha, Judge Jules, Paul Van Dyk, Tall Paul, John Kelly, DJ Sonique, Scott Bond and Matt Hardwick provided over 15 hours of contemporary styles, yesterday's classics and tomorrows new tunes. Memorable moments include Paul Van Dyk's midnight remoulding of Robbie Williams "Millennium" hit and a tear-jerking remix by Phil Oakey of Primal Scream's unforgettable "Come Together" as the 12 o'clock countdown drew nearer. The Chems mashed up the old with the new by mixing the classic Beatles "Sergeant Pepper" track with their unstoppable smash, "Hey Boy, Hey Girl", Tall Paul joined in with a chorus of 25,000 as he spinned "Bullet In A Gun" whilst John Kelly led a sea of 50,000 linked hands waving as he played an emotional acappella of Ce CE Roger's "All Join Hands". RADIO 1 LIVE 2000GC at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield was the only event to broadcast two DJ sets from Sasha (8-9pm) and Judge Jules (3.30-4.45am) live on BBC Radio 1.

THE STRUCTURE TENSILE 1 - British company Gearhouse Structures pioneered the development of Tensile 1, the world-record breaking portable structure which covered the entire playing pitch of Don Valley Stadium. It's sheer size enabled Gatecrasher to safely house 25,000 people and withstand 180 tonnes of production quality of a normal static arena and maximise the use of an open air venue without worries of the British climate. Tensile 1 was designed by Rudi Enos and the team at Special Structures Lab and 2000GC was its first outing for an event of this size and calibre. During the ten day fit up, Tensile 1 braved Northern winds exceeding 75mph and snow and ice over two inches thick.

THE LOCATION AND FACILITIES Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield is technically one of the most advanced stadiums in the country. Its in-house amenities allowed 2000GC to provide adequate food stalls, local car-parking, a medical suite, indoor toilet facilities and even convert the indoor 100 metre running track to a cloakroom large enough for 25,000 coats.

THE LINKS Gatecrasher executed live feeds from the Don Valley Stadium celebrations. Live sound and vision was transmitted via ISDN video feed to dance events in Sydney, Australia, Cape Town, South Africa and Houston, Texas. Gatecrasher invested in the highest forms of 21st technology available and used Microsoft Windows Media to encode the 64k streams for perfect aural and visual pleasure.

WHAT WE SAY. SIMON RAINE (MD GATECRASHER) "Our sellout event was down to a combination of the best marketing campaign, the most spectacular production and only the very best technical and promoting team in the country. We also had the world's best DJs and made sure this wasn't just any other club night. We wanted the millennium to host the most outstanding event for the most spectacular night of our lifetime. 2000GC was exactly that Ð the best event in the world, setting the precedence for events to come.

" JUDGE JULES (2000GC EXCLUSIVE ARTIST AND COMPERE) "Two of the largest scale crowd scenes that I can remember in my life are the funeral scene from the film Ghandi and Cup Final when you stare down from Wembley Stadium to the station. When it comes to a sea of people, there's now a third scene embedded in my mind. At Gatecrasher 2000, there were simply people as far as the eye could see and the atmosphere permeated right throughout the huge structure. As a visual spectacular, it was simply outstanding. Nobody could have gone home disappointed.

" TALL PAUL (2000GC ARTIST) "2000GC is simply the best gig I have ever played. The crowd, the sound and spectacular visuals made DJing at this event one of the greatest high points of my DJing career. It will go down in clubbing history and will become one of those clichéd moments in years to come when people say where were you for midnight? For those lucky enough to be there, they will say Gatecrasher!!! My favourite memory of the night will be joining the crowd just before midnight, sharing the moment and some champagne with mayhem around me. Thanks to Simon Raine and all the crew.

" JOHN KELLY (2000GC WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE ARTIST) "Gatecrasher's millennium party was by no means a rave in a tent. I saw this show as quite simply an enormous, full-on event. My most memorable moment of DJing there, was when I played an acappella version of CE CE Rogers "All Join Hands." My wife, my son and myself were standing in the DJ console with our hands joined together and we witnessed 25,000 people doing the same. It brought a tear to my eye. This event has to be the best gig I've ever played. The crowd and the atmosphere there is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

" DJ SONIQUE (2000GC WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE COMPERE) "Big, bad and beautiful (Éwell enough about me) - the party wasn't bad either!

" GARY HOWARD (PRODUCTION, LIGHTING DESIGN) "This event was simply 'gatecrashing' rock'n'roll. We couldn't have asked for a better production team for this scale event. Dance doesn't meet rock anywhere but at Gatecrasher - 2000GC

" DOUGIE SOUNESS (PRODUCTION DIRECTOR) "The production on show at Gatecrasher rivals that seen at any of the big rock'n'roll shows, never mind any other dance events. Basically, we took the perimeter of the Don Valley playing pitch inside the Tensile 1 and filled it with lots of custom trussing, lighting technology, lasers, pyrotechnics, projection and sound equipment. The centre piece was without doubt the two custom built DJ platforms Ð joined together by a raised catwalk and set off visually by the huge circular LED screen immediately behind and above.

" RUDI ENOS (DESIGNER OF TENSILE 1 - SPECIAL STRUCTURES LAB) "Gatecrasher was easily the largest event of its type that has ever been held in the structure. On Christmas Eve, Tensile 1 stood firm in 75mph winds and a good couple of inches of snow and ice on top of that. Site work was ten days to it being fully erect and two days of that was getting into the stadium and two days to get the snow and ice off! So, build times without delay, equal just five or six days. It's most impressive point is that 180 tonnes of production equipment was used for 2000GC which didn't damage the track of grass pitch of Don Valley Stadium, so there was a perfectly smooth floor for the event. It was a great success from a technical point of view. The stadium people were superb, as were the licensing team. 2000GC was the biggest event of its type ever and for one structure, this event this was totally stunning.

" PETER HAYWOOD (2000GC SITE MANAGER) "Gatecrasher's millennium project is the best dance event I have ever been involved with. 25,000 people having the time of their lives for fifteen hours with the best DJs in the world. 2000GC had more production than any other dance event before and is signifies a huge success for the dance music industry. We all went away with a huge feeling of accomplishment.

" MARTIN NICHOLAS (STAGING & LIGHTING DESIGN) "We are all very happy with the way 2000GC turned out. The use of space was excellent and the staged look of Bladerunner meets Batman in the skies was extremely impressive. Fantastic!

" CHRIS BEALE (SSE SOUND) "The sound at Gatecrasher was quite spectacular, clear and even at all times. The sound equipment used for a capacity crowd of 25,000 could have easily sufficed a gathering of up to 50,000.

" PAT SMITH (GENERAL MANAGER DON VALLEY STADIUM) "Don Valley Stadium is extremely pleased with the success of the Gatecrasher 2000 millennium event and a capacity crowd enjoyed the best dance music and production all night. Gatecrasher added an exciting and new concept to the venue and it was fantastic sight to see the sun rise on a new millennium at Don Valley Stadium.

" LEE SPENCER (GEARHOUSE LED SCREENS LTD) "Gearhouse LED Screens LTD successfully completed the challenge of erecting a 77.49 square metre LED screen at Gatecrasher 2000GC millennium party. This screen format was one of the largest built by the company and one which certainly dominated the celebrations.

" MARTIN CRICK (GEARHOUSE STRUCTURES GENERAL MANAGER) "Tensile 1 allowed production flexibility and freedom and Gatecrasher utilised all the 'off-ground' advantages a concept never previously used at a dance event. The philosophy behind it is that any organiser should be able to stage events without having to compromise on production quality because of technical restraints

" ROB DEACON, PAUL EVANS (DEVIANT LIMITED) "We thoroughly enjoyed the friendly crowd, surreal structure and euphoric countdown. The DJ sets of unreleased and classic tracks were very enjoyable. 2000GCÉ. It will always be with us!

" SIMON BELOFSKY (MD SERIOUS RECORDS) "The energy from the crowd can only be described as awesome. Walking into Tensile 1, the hair stood up on the back of my neck like when I was 18 going to my first rave the one that inspired me to get into the dance music scene. First class Gatecrasher!


"Congratulations to Gatecrasher. A lot of time and effort must have gone into making the place what it looked like and the £100 was well worth it, especially Tall Paul's set".

"I still can't get over what a night it was and look forward to GC20001. "Itwillalwaysbewithyou"É. tonight it will be.

"The lighting at Gatecrasher was the best thing I have ever seen".

"Watching nearly 25,000 people sing along to Tall Paul playing Bullet In The Gun in the last moments of the 20th Century is something I'll never forget."

"Thankyou to everyone at Gatecrasher for putting on an absolutely superb event. The music was just brilliant and everyone I met was really friendly and up for it, just the way clubbing should be.

" 2000GC THE VIDEO The only way to document such a momentous occasion forever is to capture the magical moment on video. Gatecrasher will be releasing 2000GC's millennium extravaganza "itwillalwaysbewithyou" on DVD in February.The outstanding 40 minute documentary brilliantly captures the scale and excitement of 25,000 people at the best millennium party in the land. Up to nine cameras were used to cover the event, beginning with preparation and construction of the site earlier in December, to fans travelling to the venue, interviews with many of the DJs and above all, the breathtaking spectacle of the event itself. The film provides a perfect moment for all those who were there and an insight into why Gatecrasher is, without doubt, the best example of club culture in the world.


Number of people at 2000GC: 25,000

Ticket sellout date: On 17th December 1999, Gatecrasher had sold 22,202 tickets. On the morning of 22nd December 1999 Gatecrasher had sold 24,875 tickets. By that afternoon, 2000GC was a total capacity sellout.

Number of bars of site at 2000GC: Ten fully operational bars with three of them spanning over 25 metres each!

Cloakroom facilities at 2000GC: The indoor running track at Don Valley Stadium was converted into cloakroom facilities stretching the full 100 metre distance!

Most well travelled clubbers: 2000GC was a truly international affair with superb ticket sales as far as Australia, America, Japan, Canada, Israel, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Greece.

Internet hits to www.gatecrasher.co.uk in December 1999: In December alone, 51,084 people clicked 4,047,710 times on the Gatecrasher website to receive 2,555,077 files of information, which is over 35,126,428 kilobytes!

Number of burgers eaten at 2000GC: 5,128 Cans of Red Bull drank at 2000GC: 32,328

Total length of trussing at 2000GC: 1 mile Weight of sound equipment alone at 2000GC: 48 tonnesMake some noise: Never has there been so many people shouting "jump" in unison to deter an excitable reveller who scaled the internal king poles shortly after midnight.

All drama ended peacefully and safely.Don't make any noise: There was not one single noise complaint to Gatecrasher during the 15 hour event at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield.

FINAL WORD 2000GC featured the world's leading artists, technicians, production staff and promoting teams to create the most sensational eye-popping, state-of-the-art youth culture millennium event to take place anywhere in the world. Gatecrasher welcome to future-you are the future.